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Do you believe in keeping classic cars truly classic? Then you’ll love the restoration philosophy of Back Bay Classics. The best muscle cars from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are our passion, and we believe in restoring them with care.

When you want to shop classic muscle cars for sale, our inventory should be your first and last stop.

Trust Our Restoration Methods for Classic Cars

To keep valuable and hard-to-find vehicles in pristine condition, we’re particular about how we restore them. We refuse to install suspension hydraulics, nitrous-powered engines, or other components that wouldn’t have been available from the original manufacturer. We also steer clear of computer chips and specialized electronics that didn’t exist when the car first rolled off the dealer’s lot.

In short, the cars available from Back Bay Classics are just that—true classics. When you sit in the driver or passenger’s seat for the first time, you’ll feel transported back to the golden age of the muscle car. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

Browse Our Inventory

Our inventory of classic muscle cars for sale changes regularly as we add new restorations and sell cars to lucky new owners. Still, we want you to feel confident when you make your purchase, so we always provide plenty of pictures. You’ll see close-ups of the one-of-a-kind details that make these cars classic as well as full-length images that show you the entire vehicle from several angles.

We restore vehicles from many huge names in the auto industry, including Chevrolet and Ford. We sometimes even restore cars from before 1950 or restore other types of vehicles, such as classic jet boats.

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